Patrick Mahomes' voice sparks debate among fans: It makes me wish I was deaf!

There is little that Patrick Mahomes can be criticised for in terms of his play, as he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, if not the best.

However, one thing that some NFL fans don't like about the Kansas City Chiefs star is his voice.

In recent weeks, thanks in large part to his Super Bowl win and his appearance in Netflix's 'Quarterback' show, Mahomes' voice has been heard more and more.

As you'll hear in the below video, Mahomes has a uniquely raspy voice.

This has led to some mocking and jokes, with Patrick Mahomes even being compared to Kermit the Frog, from The Muppets.

In recent weeks, several Twitter users have expressed their thoughts about the quarterback's voice, with most being critical.

"I wish Patrick Mahomes never spoke, great player but that voice annoying as f**k," wrote one fan on Twitter.

"Patrick Mahomes is a loser and his voice makes me wish I was deaf," added one other fan, who went really far in the criticism.

Finally, another Twitter user revealed that they started "muting the segments where he was featured" when watching the 'Quarterback' docuseries.

This issue was even raised during a Super Bowl media day appearance, and Mahomes explained that he isn't fazed by the comments.

"People have been making fun of my voice for my entire life," he said.

"I've gotten used to it, it's like the joke that keeps giving.

"I've heard it all, jokes about Kermit the Frog or about smoking cigarettes.

It's unique, so maybe I'll get a deal from having that unique voice."

It's clear, then, that the quarterback is comfortable in his own skin, and he and his teammates know that his voice projects in the huddle, which is the most important thing.


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