Sad beat: A $1.4 million live bet on the Chargers before their collapse might be the worst bet ever

The Los Angeles Chargers’ loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars after leading 27-0 is the third-largest blown ,

lead in NFL playoff history, so naturally, it’s one of the worst betting beats of all-time too.

LA was favored to win, and all the people who had money riding on those odds were left stunned.

This bad beat is a lot worse for some, though.

 People actually put money on the Chargers’ moneyline after they were already leading by a lot,

 live betting the game when odds weren’t nearly as rewarding. Some of those bets were massive…

like $1.4 million at a paltry -12500 odds massive.

That’s how much one DraftKings bettor lost on the game.