Shannon Sharpe: Bryce Young deserves praise, but maybe pump the brakes

Bryce Young was a stellar quarterback for the Crimson Tide football program in his two seasons as the starter.

Though he never won a national championship as the starting quarterback

, he won a Heisman Trophy, a handful of other highly-coveted awards and managed to impress football fans all over the country.

Soon, Young will begin his NFL career. For now, he prepares for the 2023 NFL draft.

As national media pundits discuss who will be selected where and rank positional groups,

 some analysts like to start debates when making player comparisons.

While Shannon Sharpe of Undisputed didn’t necessarily say anything all too controversial,

 he did say that maybe the praise for Young is a bit much He likens it to “hyperbole.”

Sharpe’s main point in saying this was to pump the brakes on comparisons to NFL superstar quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.