Shedeur Sanders showed up offensive coordinator who ignored him in brutal revenge mission

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has explained why his son, Shedeur, was extra motivated to succeed after a school camp visit.

Shedeur is quarterback for the Buffaloes in NCAA college football, with his father as the head coach. 

The 21-year-old is in his first season in Colorado, after following his father from Jackson State University at the end of last season.

The young QB and the head coach had spent two years at JSU before transferring to Colorado. And the duo began life with the B buffaloes at a near-perfect start in the season opener.

Colorado claimed a 45-42 win over Texas State University on Saturday night. Shedeur played a key role in the win, amassing 510 passing yards with four touchdown passes and zero interceptions.

As a result of that performance, there is likely to be even more attention on Shedeur as the 2023 season progresses. 

And now his father has opened up on a backstory behind the young quarterback’s success.

Sanders, an NFL Hall of Famer, appeared on the Pat McAfee Show where he was speaking about his son. 

When asked for what has helped motivate his son to become a successful QB, Sanders revealed that a trip to a university’s training camp helped spur him on for the future.

“This kid loves the game, he studies the game, he prepares the game, and he has a chip on his shoulder,” said Sanders.

“The reason he was so intense and relaxed and ready, was not only did he study, but when we went to the camp of a certain school. 

And this certain coordinator of a team that we just played against, he’s the offensive coordinator, and he was at that school.

“We went to this school at camp, and he (offensive coordinator) didn’t pay him (Shedeur) any attention. I don’t even think he barely spoke to him, he just pushed him off to the side.


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