Should I draft Patrick Mahomes in 2023? Fantasy football outlook for Super Bowl MVP explored 

Patrick Mahomes can make a pretty foolproof claim as the best quarterback in the NFL right now.

 The two-time NFL MVP is on a level most other quarterbacks would love to get close to.

For fantasy, that doesn't always matter. Mahomes' stats will be there, but there's no guarantee he finishes as QB1. Here's his fantasy outlook for 2023.

Patrick Mahomes is possibly the safest pick in all of fantasy football.

Last year, proved that it doesn't matter who he's throwing to. If Mahomes is in the game, that stats, and thus the fantasy points, will come.

The Kansas City Chiefs traded away Tyreek Hill, and all Mahomes did was end up as the fantasy football QB1 throw for over 5,000 yards and win another MVP. He's bulletproof in fantasy football.

The same statistical level can reasonably be assumed this year again, which is something almost no other player in the world can say. Mahomes will be a top quarterback, and that's almost a guarantee.

The only question is whether or not someone around him will have a great year and edge him out for the top spot, which is certainly possible.

 Mahomes does not have the rushing upside (which carries a lot of fantasy weight) that Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts or Josh Allen have.

He won't get many rushing touchdowns or yards, whereas those three, and even Justin Fields

, could add 50 yards and a touchdown on the ground every single game. Still, Mahomes is a lock to finish at the top of the QB standings.

Patrick Mahomes is always a good pick in fantasy football.

The place he's drafted matters a little bit, so using a top five pick on him might not be a great pick, but ending your draft with the QB in your starting lineup is always good.

 This is easier said than done, but it's never a bad idea to take the nearly unanimous top quarterback in football.


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