Sofia Franklyn Has a Boyfriend — You'll Never Learn Who He Is

Before the online dispute with David Portnoy over the Call Her Daddy podcast, radio personality Sofia Franklyn co-hosted the podcast with fellow Barstool creator Alexandra Cooper.

Since the feud, Sofia now hosts her own podcast titled Sofia with an F and is launching her own business.

These things, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, have been keeping the internet personality very busy.

 Although Sofia shares a decent amount of her life with her followers, many still want to know more.

While Sofia was with the Call Her Daddy podcast, she and Alex would talk a lot about their dating lives, never mentioning men by name, but still delving into detail.

What is Sofia's dating life like now? Is she still with the mysterious "Suitman"? Fans have a lot of questions,

 although many of those questions will likely be left unanswered considering Sofia's want for privacy on the matter.

In mid-2020, Sofia and Alexandra had a huge falling-out with each other and with Barstool's president David.

 The girls had one year left in their contract with the company, but Sofia's boyfriend suggested they shop around to find a better deal for their work than they were receiving.

Because of this, David revealed to the public who "Suitman" really was.

Sofia's boyfriend, whom she had talked about extensively on the podcast using the alias to protect his privacy, is actually Peter Nelson, a former executive at HBO Sports.

Since David revealed her boyfriend's identity, Sofia has been very private about her dating life. She hasn't updated her followers on whether or not she is still with "Suitman."


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