The Double-Dip for Bears in Mock

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice, men and mock drafters go astray.

The BearDigest Mock Draft 3.0, the second mock this calendar year, had a mission.

The goal was to attempt the rare double-down. The Bears were to trade down twice in Round 1 and pull in a windfall of top picks while still getting top talent.

Although there were plenty of early and good draft picks in this mock,

 it didn't quite work out as desired because the Arizona Cardinals double-crossed everyone.

The Houston Texans were uncooperative, as well. They wouldn't take the trade down,

 figuring the Bears were taking a defensive lineman and there were enough quarterbacks for everyone, apparently.

So the idea of trading down twice seemed doomed from the start.

The Colts offered the best trade down at No. 4 when Houston refused.

But then the Cardinals fouled up everything by drafting defensive tackle Jalen Carter instead of edge rusher Will Anderson Jr.

The Bears should have no problem settling for Anderson at No. 4 because they need edge rushers in addition to defensive tackles.

However, there were teams still offering more picks so trading down from No. 4 and forgetting about Anderson was the course decided upon.