The Eras Tour Is Coming to Movie Theaters, but How Long Will It Be Showing?

Few things dominated the summer of 2023 more thoroughly than Taylor Swift's Eras Tour,

which toured the US this summer and has already moved over into an international leg.

Thanks to outrageous ticket prices, plenty of fans were unable to attend the tour itself, but just recently,

Taylor made the announcement that a filmed version of the tour would be headed to theaters.

Anticipation for the concert film has already reached a fever pitch,

but some of Taylor's fans still have some questions about exactly what the tour's theatrical run will be like, and exactly how long it will last.

While Taylor didn't offer any information about how long the movie would be in theaters,

AMC is currently selling tickets for the movie through November 5.

That doesn't necessarily mean that the movie will be pulled from theaters after that date,

it just means that the movie is not guaranteed to play past that date. If the Swifties come out in force and the movie makes loads of money, it could run well into November.


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