The science says former Florida QB Anthony Richardson will be worth the gamble for an NFL team

After his superhuman performance in the Underwear Olympics, Anthony Richardson has become the ultimate NFL lottery ticket.

The Powerball of quarterbacks, a longshot who could bring unimaginable fortune to some lucky team.

Or maybe he’ll be a spectacular bust.

Those are phrases you might hear from Tom Gormely, one of the masterminds behind Richardson’s exhibition at last week’s NFL Combine.

It’s jokingly called the Underwear Olympics because it’s like a glorified physical exam.

Richardson was off-the-charts good, fueling the debate whether a guy who completed only 53% of his passes in college is worth a top-10 pick. Or top-5.

I once considered that preposterous, and far greater football minds (hello, Nick Saban) still do.

But now I’m stepping aboard the AR Bandwagon.

He and Gormely are Richardson’s prime technicians at Tork Sports Performance, a training facility in St. Augustine.

It’s like Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, only the goal is to produce athletic monsters using high-tech analysis and training techniques.