Tom Brady Is Irina Shayk's 'Dream Guy,' Says Source 

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk's romance is going strong. Shayk, 37, is “impressed with Tom,” a source tells PEOPLE, adding, "He is her dream guy. She loves dating him."

As the summer winds down, the romance between the former NFL quarterback, 46, and the model is seemingly heating up.

“They work around their schedules and meet up wherever they can,” the source tells PEOPLE. “Irina doesn’t mind traveling to see him. She is very excited about their relationship.” 

 Last week, the couple were spotted together at a boutique London hotel.

Brady and Shayk spent two days together at Twenty Two Hotel in London's Mayfair area before leaving the hotel separately last Tuesday, 

with the retired athlete photographed leaving through a side entrance at 7:20 a.m., and Shayk departing from a different side entrance five minutes earlier. 

Brady had his vehicle already loaded with his luggage and soon made his way to a private airport, where he flew out of the United Kingdom after meeting up with Shayk. 

He had arrived in London early Sunday morning after watching his newly purchased team Birmingham City FC beat Leeds United 1-0.

A source previously told PEOPLE that the two first started talking when they were guests at billionaire art heir Joe Nahmad's wedding to model Madison Headrick in Sardinia, Italy in June. 

Brady was spotted by paparazzi in late July cozying up with Shayk in his car after they spent the night together, Page Six and others reported.

Shortly afterward, a source told PEOPLE at the time that "there is a spark" between the two.

The source says Brady invited Shayk to "fly out and meet up in Los Angeles," where the two were spotted cozying up during a romantic weekend.

"There is an attraction," according to the source, who adds that Brady and Shayk "have never been involved romantically before" the summer fling began.

Reps for Shayk and Brady did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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