Tom Zbikowski - Future Notre Dame coach?

Could one of the most beloved and most celebrated players in recent Notre Dame history be on the path to one day coaching under the golden dome?

  If everything goes according to plan then the answer would appear to be yes for Tom zbikowski.

If you’re a certain age, which I am, then you recall the stardom Zbikowski brought to Notre Dame,

especially from the 2004-2006 seasons.  

Not only was he an outstanding boxer away from the football field,

 but he was an All-American safety and one of the best punt returners Notre Dame has ever had.

 joined his former teammate Mike Goolsby on “The Mike Goolsby Show” on Sunday night.

 During the roughly hour long discussion some very interesting things were brought up including the former Irish stars discussing their biggest rivals,

spilling some beans on a former head coach’s love for Power Point presentations,

memories of the big upset at Tennessee in 2004, thoughts on NIL, and plenty more.

It’s worth checking out in full but worth noting is that Zbikowski recently interviewed for the special teams coordinator position at Western Michigan.

 This happened in recent days after Zbikowski spent this past season serving as a volunteer defensive analyst for the Broncos.