Tom's takes: After four turnovers and sloppy penalties, Nebraska has a lot to clean up 

1. I liked Nebraska's special teams. Rahmir Johnson hit a 63-yard kickoff return to open the third quarter and set up NU's go-ahead touchdown. 

The coverage on kicks and punts was good as was the tackling. Brian Buschini averaged 47.7 yards punting and was able to unleash one while getting hit for a roughing the punter call. 

And the kid, freshman kicker Tristan Alvano, delivered on the road. Not great, but a good start and NU should be able to build on this going forward.

2. Did Jeff Sims run it too much? Maybe. Seventeen times a lot. But this is an offense devoid of playmakers. 

Sims running it is going to give NU its best chance to win until they can find some receivers to help. I'd like to see the backs, especially Anthony Grant (yes he fumbled) get more carries. 

There are going to be some games where Sims shouldn't need to carry it that much. But in some of these 50-50 games — and this was definitely one — 

his running is one of the few offensive weapons. Looking back, you wished he'd had one fewer pass attempt.

3. This is still a group with a lot to clean up. A personal foul hitting the quarterback and a needless targeting call on the pass rush. A false start that nullified a touchdown near the goal line. 

The fumble. The opener was better but some old habits need to be broken for this team to have a chance this year.


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