Tori Spelling’s Ex-Husband Says She Wept After Finding Out About The Terms Of Her Late Father’s Will

Tori Spelling‘s ex-husband, Charlie Shahnaian, has revealed that the actress was deeply distraught over her father, Aaron, giving the bulk of his wealth to her estranged mother, Candy.

In a recent interview, the former actor said that the actress was upset because it meant she wouldn’t be free from the financial shackles of her mom. 

He also discussed Spelling’s reckless spending habit, which the mother of five had previously noted in her 2013 book.

Tori Spelling ‘Was So Upset’ Speaking with the Daily Mail, Shahnaian shared his recollection of Spelling’s reaction upon 

discovering that her father had chosen not to pass down his substantial wealth to her.

The duo had dated between 2002 and 2005, ending their relationship one year before Spelling’s father passed away from complications of a stroke.

However, years before his death, Spelling’s father willed his $600 million estate to her estranged mother, Candy, which emotionally devastated the reality star.

“When she found out about the will and the terms of the will, she was so upset,” Shahnaian told the publication.


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