Travis Scott rumoured to perform at Drake's Vancouver concerts

Many Drake fans were left disappointed after the rapper's first of two Vancouver shows was postponed last minute.

Some fans had reportedly camped outside of the concert venue overnight in anticipation of the Monday (Aug. 28) night concert,

which was rescheduled to Wednesday due to technical issues with Rogers Arena's newly installed video board.

The Canadian rapper flew into town on Sunday to perform his "It's all a Blur" tour with two nights at Rogers Arena. Ahead of the shows,

locals spotted the megastar on the Vancouver waterfront, sharing videos of the celebrity sighting on social media.

While on most of the tour, 21 Savage joins Drake for the show, the tour's Canadian dates don't include the American rapper.

Amidst the rescheduling of the first concert, Travis Scott was spotted in Yaletown, leading fans to speculate that the rapper will be performing with Drake on both nights.

Drake appears to address the rumour in an Instagram story shared Monday evening, writing "Vancouver it's T TIME [tomorrow] don't you worry."

While Travis Scott hasn't been confirmed to perform with Drake, concert ticket prices have drastically increased since the rapper's arrival in Vancouver. 

Drake in Vancouver sightings continue With Drake's Vancouver visit extended more sightings of the rapper are being shared online. 

He was seen entering Pierre's Lounge Monday evening and his car was spotted cruising around the city.

Being the nice Canadian that he is, Drake also stopped by Rogers Arena to surprise fans waiting overnight for wristbands.


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