Two Notre Dame 2023 games among 247Sports top rematches of the season

As an independent, Notre Dame football has the ability to create their own schedule and have a few games that impact the college football landscape.

The 2023 season will be no different, the Fighting Irish will have more than a few marquee games on their slate.

 Two of them were named by 247Sports as highly anticipated rematches from last year.

If you ask me, there are actually three games that should be on the list that the Irish will play this fall.

Find out below which two rematch games 247Sports is excited to see this fall that involve Notre Dame and as a bonus which other game that should be added to the list.

Last year’s game was fun, wasn’t it? The Irish absolutely dominated the Tigers as they could do no wrong in South Bend.

Both teams will be a bit different when they face-off against each other this fall,

each having a new starting quarterback.

Clemson lost more than a few from their defensive line and the Irish only lost one player from their offensive line.

If Notre Dame can once again control the line of scrimmage, this game could be like last years version.