Urban Meyer has an interesting pick for 2023 national champion

Any and every chance that Urban Meyer has to slurp on Ohio State, he does. Every chance he has to put down Michigan football, he does.

And on Friday night, he didn’t do either. Really. At halftime during the Michigan State vs. Central Michigan game on FS1, the Big Noon Kickoff crew made their College Football Playoff picks. 

Matt Leinart had the Wolverines in the playoff, but not winning it all. Meyer came on next and when he had an opportunity to select OSU as in and winning it all, 

he uncharacteristically punted, instead saying the winner of ‘The Game’ will be in and win a national championship.

While that may be true, when have you ever known Meyer to not outright proclaim the Buckeyes as the likely better team? 

We’ve certainly seen other analysts pick Ohio State, or even Penn State, as in, and Michigan as out. Yet, that’s not what Meyer is doing here.

Our opinion? He knows that the Buckeyes might not be as strong as usual, plus he’s seen Michigan — in his mind — 

inexplicably run them off the field the past two years. And many are saying this is Jim Harbaugh’s best team. Let the season begin.


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