Vikings 2023 offseason mailbag: Senior Bowl preview

The premier event of the NFL offseason is here as teams, prospects and analysts will be heading down to Mobile,

Alabama for the Senior Bowl to scout prospects and exchange information.

It’s not just a place to learn more about the NFL draft but also one to hear what teams are interested in this offseason.

You can learn a lot about every team during this fateful week and we will be down there to cover every angle.

To kick off the week, we have a mailbag with questions about the Senior Bowl.

My favorite day-three running back is Oklahoma’s Eric Gray. A former five-star recruit,

he fits like a glove into what the Vikings want to do. He’s got great field vision and the athleticism to make the necessary cuts ,

and maneuver through traffic. The biggest issue with Gray is his inconsistency and the fact that he didn’t have his breakout season until he was a senior.

Most excited to see

Where to go for draft stuff