Watch: Notre Dame Leprechaun makes snow angel by Touchdown Jesus

While the first day of spring is coming soon, we still very much are in winter.

 People in Midwest cities like South Bend won’t experience true warmth consistently for some time, probably in May.

 That means the possibility for snow remains strong, and it fell on Notre Dame’s campus Friday.

With the men’s basketball team’s season over and the women awaiting Selection Sunday,

 the Notre Dame Leprechaun took the opportunity to set up shop in front of Touchdown Jesus and make a snow angel:

Sometimes, you just have to live your best life, and the Leprechaun is doing just that.

He doesn’t need to be on a warm beach somewhere.

He just needs to do what he can with the elements that choose to find their way to Notre Dame.

 If that means making a snow angel, you make a snow angel.

We know you can’t wait for summer, but let’s do that a little longer and think of all the good that winter provides.