Way-too-early look at next year's Big Ten football power rankings

Not that the college football season is officially over after the Georgia Bulldogs took home their ,

second-straight national championship, we can focus our attention on the 2023 season.

In fact, we’ve already taken a very early look at Ohio State’s football schedule for next year,

 and continue to look at the NFL draft declarations as they come out. But why stop there?

We’ll have more content that points the compass toward the offseason ,

and what’s in store, and some will focus on the Big Ten as a whole.

We’re kind of kicking that off with our way-too-early gaze into the crystal ball to see what the Big Ten power rankings might be next season

. It’s a collective effort here among our writers. Will Michigan take home the crown for the third straight year?

 Can Ohio State retake its perch among the top? What about Penn State and maybe some other surprise teams?

Here’s how we think things will shake out when we get deep into 2023 with our very early Big Ten football power rankings.