When will Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter get drafted to the NFL?

Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders and two-way player Travis Hunter took the football world by storm over the weekend with a historic upset over the TCU Horned Frogs. 

Both of these talented players are sure to reach the NFL.

Sanders, 21, and Hunter are on track to become the new Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase, two college teammates playing together in the league, 

and just like the pair of Cincinnati Bengals stars, the QB will get there before the wide receiver.

Hunter, 20, is not eligible to play in the league until 2025, while Sanders will surely be the third quarterback off the board in the 2024 NFL Draft, 

only behind USC's Caleb Williams and North Carolina's Drake Maye. Sanders broke a school record in his debut appearance, becoming the first player in Colorado history to throw for over 500 yards.

Hunter caught 11 passes for 119 receiving yards and also had an interception while playing defense. Shilo Sanders has a quiet, but powerful outing

Shilo Sanders, meanwhile, is 23 years of age and a solid safety, racking up nine tackles in the 45-42 win over TCU.

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has spoken wonders about both his sons, but understands Shedeur is the star and Shilo is the workhorse.

Shilo is playing in his fifth college football season and has one more year of eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Players need to participate in at least three seasons of college football before declaring for the NFL draft, so Shilo is more than eligible. 

Coach Prime and his team are just getting started and already making waves, so a lot of his players will soon be in the league.


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