Where the 2023 NFL draft class is the strongest and weakest

Just a week before the NFL Scouting Combine, the football world has a pretty solid handle on where players will go in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The underclassmen have already declared and the seniors have already gone through practices at the Senior Bowl and Shrine Bowl in front of NFL evaluators.

With the help of the consensus draft board,

 let’s try to pin down where the strongest and weakest positions (relative to averages) are in this upcoming draft class.

 How we did this was by measuring the draft value of individual position groups in the top 100 picks since 2011,

when the rookie wage scale began and the quarterback position was then buffed by cost-controlled contracts.

We focused on top-100 picks as selections on Day 3 of the draft are crapshoots (at best.)

Using the Fitzgerald-Spielberger Trade Chart,

a more accurate and modern version of the Jimmy Johnson chart,

we assigned value to position groups based on where their players were picked in the top 100.

We can do the same with players projected to go in the top 100 in this upcoming draft

, based on the consensus draft board

, and measure the difference from the 12-year average.