Why Notre Dame Football Fans Should Feel Lucky

Now that the 2022 College Football season is over, it’s a great time for reflection.

Notre Dame Football was a mystery for most of the year.

An ongoing struggle for consistency and navigating the path to the Irish’s new identity.

It wasn’t easy, and there are varying opinions on how it went.

1. Relentless Energy If you follow Notre Dame social media at all you know how it seems Freeman is 5 places at once.

2. Relationships With Athletes Marcus Freeman is selling Notre Dame Football the way it should be sold. Classic but with a modern twist.

3. Relationship With Administration By now it’s no secret that Brian Kelly’s relationship was strained, how much so and for how long is up for debate.

4. Portal Plays Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Marcus Freeman with players shortly before taking the field for Friday’s Gator Bowl game.