What Nick Saban told the media after Alabama’s 5th spring practice

Nick Saban, the head coach of the Alabama football team, will address the media on Thursday after the Crimson Tide’s most recent practice.

What’s new in the quarterback competition for Alabama? Throughout the second week of spring ball, how has the team depth been doing? At roughly six o’clock CT, Saban will meet with the media.

When he approaches the podium, please refresh this page.

Saban claimed that after five practices, “young players” had a chance. Everyone is receiving coaching and opportunities, according to this statement.

I don’t like where we’re at. I’m not discouraged by the state of affairs. I believe it is a work in progress that we must continue to push through each day.

Saban honored the late Mal Moore, the late athletic director of UA, who passed over ten years ago.

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What did Nick Saban say after the loss to Texas A&M?

“It’s always great to win when you win games in the SEC. I think the fans were great. I think the fans probably had as much to do with us winning the game as anything. I think the atmosphere they created certainly kept the energy level up with our players, but we did a lot of things that were not winning football.

What was Saban upset about?

Nick Saban is not happy. The Alabama Crimson Tide head coach believes the new SEC schedule for his program is ultimately going to be unfair. Alabama’s permanent opponents for a new nine-game conference schedule might be Auburn, LSU and Tennessee.

What did Saban say about Alabama loss?

Very disappointing loss. We didn’t answer the bell today. Obviously, there’s a lot of work to be done. Way too many penalties, did too many things to help them, gave up explosive plays, had a major error on special teams that was totally unnecessary that led to a score on their part.

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