Which round did the Oklahoma Sooners end up in on ESPN’s mock draught?

The Oklahoma Sooners appear to be well-represented across the seven rounds of the 2023 NFL draught, which is only one month away.

Will they return to the first round of the draught is the main uncertainty. After the selection of CeeDee Lamb in the 2020 draught, Oklahoma has gone two straight years without a first-round pick. Anton Harrison, an offensive tackle, might alter that.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Anton Harrison

I vote for Harrison as the candidate who will be called much sooner than most people anticipate. He just turned 21 years old, has started for Oklahoma for two years, and has played left tackle his entire career.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Marvin Mims

Depth at wide receiver is an underappreciated need for the Eagles. With A.J., the group is top-heavy. Brown and DeVonta Smith are their only remaining players, though. Mims, who over the past two seasons has averaged better than 20 yards per reception, may challenge Quez Watkins for the WR3 position, resulting in an intriguing competition for the position of vertical threat.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs Wanya Morris, OT

During the 2022 season, Wanya Morris excelled for the Oklahoma Sooners. He has the potential to start at the NFL level after his performance caught the attention of NFL scouts.

  1. New Orleans Saints running back Eric Gray

As the Oklahoma Sooners’ workhorse back in 2022, Eric Gray enjoyed a stellar year. He demonstrated that he can grab passes, run, and bear the weight while also being a dynamic player.

  1. DT Jalen Redmond plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Jalen Redmond has produced well while playing for the Sooners. His potential will be constrained by injuries and Oklahoma’s reputation for defence. His draught stock was undoubtedly greatly enhanced by a solid NFL combine. His performance on pro day will significantly increase his standing among interior defensive lineman.

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